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Other Bead Artists Interpretations
My Patterns

(If you have an item created with one of my patterns, I would like to include you in the gallery.)
This version of my free butterfly pattern was created by Gesesche Johanna Henning from Hamburg, Germany. Johanna converted the pattern to brick stitch & altered the shaping. I love her color combination.
Toni Hrabak created the butterfly necklace above using the free pattern for Janurary of 2000.
Toni also completed the necklace at the left & the one below.
Toni Hrabak is one of the members of the Self-Publishing Support Group on Yahoo E-Groups who has agreed to test patterns & instructions for other members.
She created the necklace above center & the necklace above to test my instructions & patterns for the Beaded Lace book.
May, 2003: Toni is still one of my main Pattern Angels, testing my patterns for clarity.  This is the Entrelac bracelet pattern which is available for sale.

Thanks much Toni. You are always a great help!
To see more of Toni's beautiful work, visit her website! Love those froggies!

If you have used one of my patters & would like to share your efforts here, please send a scan or pic of your work. Include your name, website addy (if you have one) & your e-mail if you would like people to be able to reach you.