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Glenda's Gallery
Page 3

Glenda's adaptation of Sharon Bateman's "Leap Frog" bracelet featured in Jewlry Crafts
July/Aug 2000 issue.
Glenda found the pattern leaflet  for this little beauty at the craft store. Unfortunately, the leaflet & the designer's name has been lost. If you know, please e-mail me so I can give her credit.
Design again by Sharon Bateman,
Beadwork by Glenda Resnick
This gorgeous flyer is a design by Rita Sova

Glenda credits this design to Serra.
Visit her site for more fantastic free patterns!
The design is by yours truly & the pattern can be found in the free pattern archives.
Lynette Washington is the designer of the Pooh lighter case.
This is the back of Pooh!
This Chippewan pattern was given to Glenda by one of the ladies in the community when she was working there as a nurse.
The design for the measuring tape is by Suzanne Cooper
This is the same butterfly as above. Glenda has folded it along the outside rows of the body, the first step in making it 3-D.