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Beady Creative Process

    People often ask the question, "Where do you get your ideas from?". It is not a question that is easy to answer. Sometimes, a certain bead or cabochon will trigger a design idea that seems to evolve on its own. More often, my designs are pushed, pulled & prodded from my gray matter!
     In this tutorial, I welcome you to join me in my quest to transform this free-form Paua shell cabochon into a choker. The tutorial will be on-going from conception to completion.

This natural Paua shell freeform cabochon has been haunting me to give it life for several years & I do believe it is time!
    Once you have chosen the cabochon or stone for your piece, view it from all angles to determine how it might be oriented in your finished piece.
    This decision is subject to change ( & often does)! The view on the right is my tentative choice.
    Next, take the cabochon to your beads.

     Blues, lavenders & greens are all at play in the cab. They will be repeated in the bezel & the body of the choker.
The next step will be the construction of the beaded bezel, but I am going to give the bead choices time to 'settle in' to be certain I don't end up wanting to make changes to my choices after I start beading.